Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm getting around...and have signed a new contract!

I've updated my books tab above to include links for all the new places my books are appearing - after being mostly available on kindle only for a while, I've decided to branch out and offer my books on B&N, Kobo, iTunes and Google Play. I've included the link for my page at each store, although be warned, some of the stores are showing books under my author name that aren't mine!

In other news...(drumroll)

I planned on writing two more books about the Under The Hood garage, about the other two women owner/mechanics, and have just signed a new contract with Entangled Publishing for these. Woo!

Book 2 is titled Under the Stars, and is Mel's story, and Book 3 is titled Under a Hunter's Moon and is Betty's story. I have submitted both of these, and hope to have more news on them soon. Both books are novellas, but about twice the size of Under The Hood at around 40k each.

I'm also starting work on book 3 of The Logan Series...

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another new release... Three Minutes to Happiness (The Logan Series, Book 2)

Three Minutes to Happiness is out today!
This is the second book in the Logan series, which started with Runaway Groom last summer. It features Finn, who is the brother of Matthew Logan (the runaway groom).

This is a funny one, so if humour and romance is your thing, check it out! For reviewers, Three Minutes to Happiness is available at the moment on NetGalley, and I also have a goodreads giveaway going on for a signed paperback.

Here's an extract...
His gaze flickered to the piece of paper she was holding. “You have a list?” One eyebrow rose.
“I have a list.” She nodded to make her point.
“And if I get all the answers right, I get your number?” Interest flickered in his eyes as he looked down at the paper, as if trying to read it upside down.
“Maybe.” Her answer was more than she’d given to any of the men she’d already met, but to be honest, he was the first one who had interested her.
His fingers flicked in a ‘bring-it-on’ gesture.
“Okay, first question.” She glanced down the list and picked number three. “Han Solo or Luke Skywalker?”
“Princess Leia.” His mouth twitched. “Next.”
“Take-out or restaurant?”
“Home cooked.” His eyelids half closed, lending a dangerously seductive quality to his face. “I grill a mean steak.”
Val rubbed a hand around the back of her neck. Is it hot in here?
“Disco dancing or waltzing?”
The dimple in his cheek made a brief appearance. “Neither. Can’t dance.”
She grinned. “You’re not very good at answering questions. These are two choice questions—you’re supposed to choose one.”
“Well, I’m pretty crappy at dancing, but if I had to choose one…”
“You do.”
“I’d go for waltzing. Or a slow shuffle so as not to show myself up.” His head tilted to the side. “Do I get to ask a question yet?”
They only had a minute or so left. And she had been monopolizing the time available. “I guess.”
Finn gazed at her mouth. Sparks seemed to crackle in the air between them, and attraction pulled the breath from her lungs at just that one, hungry look. “How many yeses have you ticked on your card?”
It seemed wrong to tell him, somehow, that none of the men so far had even sparked an ion of interest. But they hadn’t. She was here under false pretenses. Had no intention of finding a man tonight.
The thought of diving into the love pool after she’d almost drowned last time scared her witless. It was much safer standing on the side, if a little lonely.
“That’s sort of a personal question.” She crossed her arms and stared him down.
“I know.” He grinned. “But it’s the one I’m interested in knowing the answer to. And you only have seconds to answer it.”
“None.” There. It was out. She hadn’t chosen anyone to see again, and if that made her picky, so be it.
“Good.” He crossed his arms. “I haven’t said yes to anyone yet either.”
The bell rang.
He leaned forward and spoke in a deep whisper. “Tick yes to me. I haven’t finished with you yet.”

Out on Amazon,, Kobo, B&N, iTunes and in paperback.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Goodreads giveaway time for my next release!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Three Minutes to Happiness by Sally Clements

Three Minutes to Happiness

by Sally Clements

Giveaway ends February 05, 2014.

See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Monday, December 30, 2013

Launch Day - Under the Hood

I have a new novella out today - Under the Hood is my first with entangled publishing...and it's at a special introductory low price, so grab it quick!

Here's a little bit about it...
When sexy mechanic Alice Starr mistakenly believes attorney Mark Jameson needs her help, he discovers he likes being rescued for a change. Smitten by her confidence, he hides his expertise so he has an excuse to see her again.
Starting their new all-female garage, Under the Hood, is keeping Alice and her friends busy. She doesn't have time for a man. But with one kiss, she and Mark have advanced into water so deep she's in danger of drowning. So why hasn't he called?
Mark wants to tell Alice the truth so they can pursue a relationship. But he's got even bigger problems at his office when his bitter aunt threatens Alice’s livelihood. He needs a plan, fast, or else Under the Hood and his chances with Alice could both be ruined.

Or if you can't be bothered reading that, here's a comic...
Available from - - and everywhere else....


Friday, December 20, 2013

And the winners are....

Congratulations to Donnalynn Lapointe and Crystal Young who are the winners of Runaway Groom from our awesome multi-author giveaway, those copies are presently winging their way to you!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Super Duper December Giveaway!

Christmas is coming - and everyone is thinking about presents, so wouldn't it be nice to win some? I've banded together with a group of other authors in the Super Duper December Giveaway, where we are offering the chance for people to get there hands on loads of free stuff, starting today, and continuing for the next 2 weeks!

Enter to win 1 of the lovely Ebook and swag prizes listed below in the Rafflecopter. There are at least 46 different kind of books you can win! There are lots and lots of romantic, New Adult and steamy Ebooks, ranging from sweet and sassy, or a touch of paranormal, to spicy and erotic.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, November 2, 2013

New Release - Mile High

My new novella, Mile High has just been published on Amazon - Here's a little bit about it!

Out with the old...
Cori’s kicked her cheating boyfriend to the kerb, packed her bag, and boarded a flight to combine a sun drenched vacation with her boss’s wedding. On the agenda? Fun, relaxation, and maybe even a no-strings hot fling.
In with the new…
The fun starts even earlier than she'd anticipated - when she finds herself seated beside Kill Jackson on the flight to Tourmaline, she's more than happy to soothe his flight fears. He's funny, flirty and dangerously gorgeous. 
With a name like Kill, what could possibly go wrong?
The heat kicks up when they touch down and spend time together in the faded splendor of The Tourmaline Grand Hotel, but what will happen when Cori discovers Kill's real reason for being on the island? 
Sizzling sex, divided loyalties and weddings in jeopardy under the Mediterranean sun...

Writing this book was great fun, mainly because of the yummy's an excerpt...

A shadow blocked the sun streaming in from her left. Someone was in the aisle next to her seat. His face wasn’t visible as he lifted his bag into the overhead locker, so she took the opportunity to check out his body. Long legs encased in worn denim. Cowboy boots. A black cotton tee-shirt that rose up as he stretched, revealing a band of flat, perfectly defined abs. Man candy.

The stranger bent to edge into the seat next to hers. She looked into startling green eyes.


He was beyond gorgeous. Thick black hair tumbled over his forehead, half-hiding his black brows. His cheekbones were pronounced, and below his straight nose was a scar that cut as low as his top lip.

“Hi.” He grinned and sat in the seat next to hers.

“Hi.” Her voice came out maiden-high, so she cleared her throat. Sweet heaven, this was going to be an interesting trip.

“Travelling alone?”

“Yes. You?”

He nodded. “In that case, we better get acquainted.” He proffered a tanned hand. “Kill Jackson.”

She felt her eyebrows rise. “Who’s Jackson, and what has he done to deserve that?”

His deep laugh did something funny to her insides.

“My name is Kill.”


“Well, no. It’s a nickname.” He leaned closer and whispered. “And bad as it is, it’s a lot better than my full name, so it’s what I go by.”

She wanted to know his full name immediately. “Killian?”

“Killian wouldn’t bother me. It’s considerably worse than that.” He fastened his seatbelt. “And no, I’m not going to answer any more guesses.”

Want to know what Kill is short for? Read it, and find out! It's available now on Amazon... com/uk